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Thursday, May 09, 2013

The award for most opinionated goes to...

So maybe I got an award for being most opinionated when I was in high school.
And maybe I am raising a little boy who is well on his way to winning that exact same award.
But I really do make it a point to not give advice to someone when they have not asked me.
There's nothing more annoying than a know-it-all...except for maybe when that know-it-all tells you what they think YOU need to do.
I remember last year, sitting in a room of moms I had just met while they all discussed their views on discipline methods.
I just sat there.
I didn't say anything. (Remember Ang, Stace, Beth and Kate?)
I knew my views were unpopular, and even though I was totally confident and strong in what i believed, I just don't like debates.
They stress me out.
Like totally. Stress. Me. Out.
But I do believe that I have the gift of exhortation and I am so passionate about my beliefs.
Oh...and don't worry. Those moms asked. And I shared! AND we are still friends!

I love that I have been able to encourage other people.
I love talking to people about the way that Gods plan is to help us!
About the fact that he does not want us to be confused, frustrated and discouraged.
I enjoyed teaching on king hezekiah this week in Sunday school. There is a verse in chronicles that says "the people rested in hezekiahs words".
I have been very inspired by that phrase this week.
My prayer with my blog is that people...you...my readers. Will be able to "rest" in my words.
Not that they are MY words, but the words I am hoping you can rest in are GOD'S words.
His words are words of HOPE.
His words are words of PEACE.
His words are words of REST.
His words are words of JOY.
And his words are words for YOU!

So I am hoping that my opinionated thoughts don't ever come across as if I'm a know-it-all.
And I hope that you are able to take what God is showing me, and use these opinionated words of mine to give you rest and confidence.
I feel like we're all in this together...you and me.
Just learning and growing together.
And I like friends.
I like feeling like I'm not alone.
So thank you. Thank you for continuing to read my opinionated thoughts and liking me just the same.

And looking back, I guess that award was pretty accurate. Ha!

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  1. I love reading your words and thoughts!! Always!!


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