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Monday, May 06, 2013

the fatter i get, the more i want to eat.

dudes. i am not joking.
why in the world does life work this way?

the more i start feeling my jeans get a little tighter, the more i find myself going to the cupboard and grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips...because it's like. what's the point anyways?

the more days i let go by without going to the gym, the less i feel like going.

it tends to work that way in every other area of my life as well...

the more clothes i see piled on my bedroom floor the more i want to just throw another load of laundry on top!

you would think that it would be the opposite, right?
i mean...shouldn't the tight jeans motivate me to want to lose weight so i can wear them again?
shouldn't the pile of clothes motivate me to fold them and put them away so i can actually see my floor again?
but it just doesn't always work that way.
come on...you know you are the same way, right?!?
(please say yes!)

that's kind of where i am right now.
i can always have an excuse for any weakness i have,
but today...
i decided to just take one project at a time.
just take one meal at a time.
just take one person at a time.
and not overwhelm myself with too many projects, problems and worries.
because that's what i can do.
start to panic because of all the things i have to do with my business, with the porch, with my house, with my everything...and then sit there and do nothing because i am just too overwhelmed!

today, we set the timer in 10 minute increments.
anyone can do anything for 10 minutes, right?
so the boys worked on organizing their rooms for 10 minutes.
i cleaned the barn for 10 minutes.
i ate handfuls of chocolate chips for 10 minutes.  ha! joking. i actually controlled myself and had none!

sometimes you just need to say alright already!
let's start today.
right now.
i've said it before...not everything needs to start on a MONDAY!
start on tuesday for the love of peter, paul and mary!

what do you need to start tomorrow?
maybe read your Bible in the morning.
maybe eat a healthy breakfast.
maybe send a letter you've been meaning to write.
maybe hug your kids 5 times, tell your husband you're proud to be his wife, write a note for someone and leave it where they will find it.
maybe leaving a comment on your friend rachelle's blog. (ha)

whatever it is.
just take it one. step. at. a. time!
you can do it!
just do one thing.
then write it on a list, and cross it off...you will feel accomplished already!!

don't get so caught up in everything you have to do, that you forget you can just do a little thing here and there with what you have right in front of you!

here's to a killer 10 minutes.
ready. set. go.


  1. :) here's to a killer 10 minutes. I love you:) good idea to do 10 minute increments. Even the eating chocolate should be in there! Yes the little things count. A little here and a little there. Wish we cold get together even for just 10 minutes!!

  2. uncle glenn5:47 AM

    you are so right love you!!


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