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Monday, May 27, 2013

if you don't have a church family, you should get one!

today is a great reminder of the freedom that our country has.
as we walked in our parade and handed out pieces of paper that were filled with hope for hurting people, i couldn't help but be thankful for the fact that people have given their lives so we could have the chance to do this!

our church makes a float every year for our parade, and this year it was so cool!

 we prayed for our community before we left, and then marched and handed out candy, tracts, info about the porch, our single mom's oil change and our kids programs.

we have had this tradition for YEARS, where we go to a park nearby and have a cookout, church softball game and home run derby.

i love these 2 people just like they are my own family...
 my dad...i'm pretty sure he had just come over to say that he had gotten 4 of his grandkids out! our family is just a tad competitive.

not to brag or anything. but my hubby won the home run derby this year!
you are looking at a champ, my friends.
and then my dad hit a 3-run homer during the actual game.

we loved having all the currier kids around all weekend!

my dad has been preaching a sermon series on community vs. commodity. 
so many people have no problems skipping from church to church without even realizing they may be hurting the people they are leaving!
today was a day filled with the reminder of the amazing church family i have been blessed with.
people who choose to have a positive outlook.
people who choose to make right, sometimes difficult choices.
people who love you for who you are.
and while for you...you may just look at these photos, and think - oh that's nice.
to me?
every person has a story.
a reminder to me of the way God has brought each person into my life. 
into my kids lives...
to make us stronger. to bless and encourage us.
i could just cry looking at this next picture because this is more than just a guy talking to my son.
this is a family friend whose life is a reminder to me of God's love and favor on us all.
and he is just like family to me as well.
this next one is 2 pictures. one of a guy who is in my youth group now...and one of a guy who was in my youth group years ago. 
i don't tell everyone this, but jesse was one of...if not my very favorite boy that ever was in our youth group. (shh...don't tell anyone)

and that was my day.
my day that was filled with ministering and serving. 
then relaxing and enjoying God's blessings.

i am so thankful.
still in a lot of pain with my back...i mean. a lot of pain.
but i can still choose to look at the things that bring joy.
and i can love every single person i come in contact with.
that is my calling. 
oh and guess what? it's yours too!!

so listen. if you don't have a church family?
you needa go and get you one, yo!
it's pretty amazing!

happy memorial day!

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  1. So much fun!!! Loved looking though these pictures! I didn't want them to end. Looks like a great day!!!


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