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Friday, May 24, 2013

oh my aching back...literally.

something you may not know about me.
about 5 years ago i was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.
it's pretty much a nightmare.

it is severe lower back pain - and sometimes hip pain - that pretty much debilitates you.
but actually...you have to just keep going because life doesn't really slow down just for you! ha!
it comes and goes at seemingly random times.

there is really nothing you can do about it.
ibuprofen is kind of a joke. it takes 6 of those bad boys to just get rid of my headaches.
and besides that, you don't really have an option except to just live with the pain.
you can't really stand, sit, lay or anything.

so last night when i went to bed, i felt it hurting a little bit.
i thought...oh boy. here we go. this could be bad.
i slept ok, and got up and started to get ready for my morning run with my dad.

and then i tried to go down the stairs.
about that.
not even close to happening.
i could barely walk. UGH! so frustrating!
and so that has been the rest of my day.
making meals, doing laundry, getting things done around the house all through the stabbing pain.
it does do my heart good to hear my sweet boys and my husband try and make my work load a little lighter, and to hear them pray for me.

and it's ok.
i can handle it.

i am thinking about what tomorrow looks like.

driving 3 1/2 hours to connecticut to go to my friend alicia's wedding.
not looking forward to the drive.
but so excited to be there on her special day.
and so excited to get to see all my peeps!
i can't even type it loud enough!
ang, tiff, deb, beth and mary.
oh, and they may just be the most talented photographers in the world. at least in the east coast. nbd.

so that is a little bit of what my day has been.
sometimes these little episodes last for a couple of weeks.
makes life exciting.
praying that this time it will only last a few days.
any other prayers from you would be greatly appreciatd!

oh, and if you see my hobbling around...don't make fun!

good night everyone.


  1. :( praying for you...

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I was wondering how your back held up all thru the move, painting, yard work, etc. So sorry you are in pain! Always pray for you but now know what to pray for today! hugs, mom c


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