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Monday, May 13, 2013

AJ and his thoughts are all up on the blog

I hate road trips. So if I have ever traveled more than 3 hours to see you...know that you are incredibly special to me. Ha! So...I decided to visit my sister Melanie, but wanted to break up the 5 hour trip. I know...I'm lame. But anyways, last minute I decided to drive to Erika's first. I realized an hour into the trip that I wouldn't have time to blog! So.
I asked my 12-year-old to take my phone, and guest blog for me.
He thought I was joking.
I was not.
He amazed me and wrote this, spur of the moment, on my phone.

This "week more like month"I've been reading in Hebrews and I have been really challenged, I would definitely recommend reading this great book. One chapter really hit me though Hebrews 11 the faith chapter... I know what you're thinking I've read it tons of times. Still it hit me I should be known for faith I mean these people did not even have all this bible that we have. Yet they still had great faith in God. Now back to us ..we should be KNOWN for having faith... They didn't know that millions of people would know that they were faithful. People should be like,you see that person over there yeah that person has great faith in God just trusting him all the time. Even if you don't end up in a book, God will know that you have been faithful.


  1. Great job AJ. You are a sweet grandson-thanks for your great words!!!

  2. I love him. And love that I'll be seeing you all soon.


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