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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

preparing for tomorrow

i love this quote by john maxwell

i need to be inspired.
there are people who inspire me in many different areas in my life...
my parenting, my wife-ing (like that word?) my business, my ministry, my physical fitness, my spiritual walk...
and i want to spend my time with people who encourage me to grow
maxwell also said,

those closest to me will determine the level of my success

i am choosing very carefully who i am getting close to.

i want to dream bigger.
i have huge dreams for the porch.
i mean huge.
i am excited for the things that i have already started planning.
they aren't just little insignificant events.
they could be life-changing events for many people.
i have a notebook filled to the brim with ideas, dreams, goals...
and this week?
they are going further than ink in a notebook.
they are being talked out, planned out, worked out, done.

and i can't be more excited!!

one thing we are doing is a free oil change for single moms in our town.
it had been a dream of mine to do this for years.

another thing we are planning is a compassion in action weekend.
we are looking to partner with all kinds of people, organizations and businesses to actively show love to those in need.

there is so much more, but i don't want to give too much away yet.
just keep your eyes on our website.
and our facebook page.
and if you are a dreamer too? let's be friends!

i am not sitting back.
i am moving forward.
always moving forward.

how are you living your life today?
what are you preparing for tomorrow?
huge things, i hope!

don't let anything hold you back!

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