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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

maternity and sister photography

so my little sister is pregnant with her 2nd.
it's a girl.
as you may know, i brainwash my nieces and nephews to say i am their favorite auntie.
it seems to be working so far. ha!

anyways, when i went to visit my sister a few weeks ago, we took...5 minutes to do a quick photoshoot.
we didn't get a ton, but i got a few to help remind her what a beautiful pregnant momma she is!
i have 1 picture of my pregnant belly from each of my pregnancies.
that is not enough in my opinion!
i so wish i had hired someone to take pictures!
you so easily and quickly forget that time in your life!!

so here is mel...
in all her gorgeousness!

oh. and not to kill the sweet and touching moment here or anything,
but here is me...bribing cal with marshmellows. i will be his favorite! ha!

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  1. Thank you for taking these sis!!!:)


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