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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

certain little things that are making me happy...

there are certain little things that are making me happy lately.

a keurig (duh) 
and a beautiful oven and hood that came with the house...saving us a lot of money!
also, a backsplash that was put up by adam's prayer partner. reminding me of our amazing church family.

the view out my side door and the back of my barn.
oh how i just love looking at this!

my boys being silly.
because they are silly and they make me laugh constantly.
continuing to find new tulips growing up all over my yard

perfect sunlight reminding me of an amazing location i have for photoshoots right in my own back yard!

this has been a great day. so thankful for beautiful sunny spring days!
what little things are making you happy today?


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Your home is so beautiful. I smell bread bakingin your wonderful oven............... love ya, mom c

  2. Love these pictures!!! I see why each one of these things makes you happy:)


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