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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

everyone needs a beach day

i am so incredibly grateful that i live near the coast.
oh. my. word.

today, we just needed to get away.
i ran this morning with my dad.
went home.
told the boys to get in the car.
and 20 minutes later we were doing this

the beach was empty.
and we had an amazing time... just me and the boys.
 looking for shells, jumping away from the ice cold waves. (well..they were, not me. ha!)
enjoying the amazingly incredible creation of an amazingly incredible God.

skipping rocks

and totally loving life.
i mean totally.

then we went home.
i made lunch.
had a coffee date with a friend.
served at the porch and got to see some of my favorite people
then went home.
made supper.
went to praise team practice.
went to our young adults group.
and phew.
now here i am.

and i am so glad that i started the day with a peaceful, calming, refreshing beach day.


  1. Sooo much fun! Wish we lived there too to make beach trips like this with you. Awesome pictures. Looks and sounds like a good productive day.

  2. I feel like I left a comment on this one already...but don't see it. So I'll comment again just in case:) love these pictures. Wish we were close enough to go on beach days together. So much fun.


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