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Saturday, May 11, 2013

a post with random facts about me.

a few weeks ago, i got together with someone i had only met a couple of times.
i didn't really know anything about her, and i love listening to people's stories.
i have sat in my office...errrr...starbucks many times and listened to many different people's life stories.
as i started telling part of my story, she said..
oh, i know.
i read your blog.
i loved it. it was like in her mind, we were already friends.
it was the best. and now we really are friends!
(shout out to stacey!)
it made me happy, because i hope everyone can feel that way!
(and it made me question every other thing i said that day, in case i was "repeating" myself! ha!)

since i plan on meeting another girl on monday, i thought i would save some time from any future coffee date i might have and get some random facts about myself out of the way.
this way, i will have more time to hear about them.

the negatives:
*i hate the sound of rain on the roof. hate it.
*i can not handle the sound of people chewing.
*it grosses me out when people touch their feet. eww.
*i do not like pineapple.
*i have kind of a problem with loving shoes. i always "need" another pair.
*i hate talking on the phone.

the rest of the stuff:
*i love singing and playing the piano.
*i have recorded one original song.
*i love going on missions trips, and will absolutely go to haiti again soon.
*i am super-duper competitive.
*i won a push up contest when i was 12 against the boys.
*i used to dream about being in the olympics as a gymnast.
*i love thrift shopping going to yard sales.
*i love being around people.

so there it is.
a non exhaustive compilation of boring, unnecessary facts about rachelle.
i hope you have enjoyed your complete waste of the last 5 minutes of you reading this.
you will never get those 5 minutes back.
but now i don't have to talk about them when we hit up starbucks.
speaking of which, have i had coffee with you before?
because if not, we should totally go out :)

happy weekending!


  1. Nicole Yurek8:23 PM

    You have had coffee with me before, but its been too long!

  2. :) this was so fun!!! Totally not a waste of time!!!! Love these kinds of posts. We should have a coffee date soon. Wednesday??? For sure:) love you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing those fun facts!


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