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Thursday, May 23, 2013

hardcore parenting

i am serious about parenting.
i mean. i don't joke around when it comes to raising my kids.
and that's saying something, because i pretty much joke around about everything.

today was one of those days that i was reminded of how thankful i am that i got up off the couch.
(that will make sense if you click on the link and check out my post from 2 years ago!)

adam and i and the boys were out shopping today and a lady in her 70's came up to me and adam and said...
i can not believe how good your boys are! they get along with each other, they are obedient...how in the world did you get them to act this way?

i said...well? we do everything by the Bible!
it teaches them how to treat others, how to love each other, and we couldn't do it without the Bible!
it was such an encouragement to hear from a random person, that our hard work has paid off!
and it is hard work!

sometimes i take for granted the fact that my boys get along.
because, for so long...i have just expected it!

i just want to encourage all of you moms out there...be a hardcore parent, baby!

don't let yourself slack off.
i mean, obviously you are going to have a bad day here and there.
but there should just be certain things that your kids expect.
certain behavior that they just come to know...if they do that behavior?
there will be a consequence.
it has to be that way!
don't just assume that they are going to grow out of whatever "stage" they are in right now.
they are going to grow.
but they will just grow harder to control.

i remember many years ago. long before i had even thought of marriage or parenting.
i saw a family with a couple of kids.
the mom was stressed out and tired.
she was not being consistent with discipline, and when the husband came home, she virtually threw the kids at them and said - you deal with them.

i remember thinking...that poor husband!
he has just walked in the door and he is already having to discipline his kids when he just wants to enjoy them!

listen to me: consistent discipline of your kids is a way to honor and respect your husband!

what a gift we can give our men when they can walk into the house after a long stressful day at work to a peaceful, fun, loving home!

today was a good reminder for me.
it was a reminder to keep working and keep fighting against my natural tendency of laziness when it comes to my parenting.

i hope it can be an encouragement to you as well to be a hardcore parent!


  1. Great job with your boys!! Definitely trying to be this!!

  2. thanks for the encouragement!


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