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Monday, December 30, 2013

A little New York New Hampshire lovin

We always love getting together with Adam's brother and his family.
They're from New York. We're from New  Hampshire.
Other than that, we are the same.
They have a house full of boys. We have a house full of boys.
They love to eat. We love to eat.
They love soccer. We love soccer.
They are loud and crazy. We are loud and crazy.
James and Adam look a lot alike. Which has nothing to do with anything except they just do.
We have a little (well, a lot) of New York New Hampshire lovin going on when we are together!

There has been a lot of nerf gun wars, lego playing, video games, soccer and movie watching.
Since Bethany and I are just finishing up busy season, we haven't really been in the mood for taking a lot of pictures.
We have been in the mood for drinking coffee and just sitting and talking.

This morning, my mom offered to come over and watch all 5 boys so we could have a little double date.
She is so thoughtful and sweet all the time, and we totally enjoyed our time out.
Then this afternoon, we spent a couple of hours at a super fun, get-all-your-energy-out-at-somewhere-other-than-my-house kind of a place.

And I managed to grab a few shots as the boys were having fun at cowabungas!

We are not looking forward to saying goodbye tomorrow morning!

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  1. Soooo much fun!!!:) so glad they could come and visit. I know it's always so much fun when you guys get together. And what a sweet mother~ doing that for you guys. The beat mom ever!!!


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