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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just to warn you...

I'm about to get all up in your grills.

What do I mean by that?

Well..normally I kind of despise new years resolutions.
Like totally despise them, actually.

I kind of feel like it is just setting myself up for failure.
I set all these goals because I am feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed on January one.
And then by the middle of March, I'm like totally over it.

Anyone feeling me?

Well, this year I think that it would be best if we make some resolutions.
Yep. Just you and me.
Let's just make a couple little things here, and a couple little things there.

We are better together.

Do not forget that.
So together we will be.

See - I happen to think that there is a reason for everything.
There is a reason you are reading my blog.
There is a reason we are homegirls now, and there is a reason we will be able to dream a little bigger, push a little harder, be a little better - together!

We can do great things together!
Two are better than one.

So...Be thinking.
Be thinking of small ways you want to change.
And then stretch yourself and be thinking of possibly some big things you want to change.

I am going to do a post with a bunch of my resolutions...which I shall now call plans.
It sounds much less intimidating, don't ya think?

And one plan I have for this year is to run another marathon.
26.2 baby!
I am so excited!

And you.
Yes, you.
Listen up.

Start planning.
Then Ima get alllll up in your grill and push you.

Because you know you want someone to push you.
You were just afraid to ask.
So let me save you the trouble.

I'm. it.
Boo ya!

Let's go change the world!


  1. whooooohooooo! Is it your first marathon? You can do it, yes you can! Yes, setting goals just makes you stretch for bigger and better, there is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Marlece!! I have run 2 marathons, but my last one was 6 years ago!

  2. Here's to a great year. Hmmm, I'm thinking:)


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