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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vente caramel brulee late, my Bible and a notebook

I have purposefully avoided talking about the fact that I turned 37 last week.
Wow...it actually looks older when you see it typed.
Anyways, since I have the super cool starbucks app on my phone (I know, I'm so hip)
I got a free birthday drink. What could be better than that.

Today, it was needed. And I mean seriously needed.
I decided to go by myself.
Yep...that's right.
A little time by myself, before I spent time at The Porch. Which is very much not by myself.
I went to order and the girl asked what size I wanted.
um...this is free, right? Ya. I think I'll go with the vente, thankyouverymuch!

It. was. amazing.

I consider myself to be an extrovert.
I love being with people, and I love being busy.
But sometimes. You just need some time alone.
It's funny, because I have this big, huge house. And I have the ability to set my own schedule.
But there is something about being in your house that constantly requires something to be done:
laundry, dishes, cleaning, editing, homeschooling, emailing...
and you can feel like you're just going to do *whatever* real quick?
But it always turns into one or 500 more jobs, and before you know it, the day is over.

I don't necessarily think that starbucks will always be my first choice for "alone" time with God, but for today it was just what I needed.

I brought my Bible and a notebook, and I just started reading.
And writing.
I read the first 11 chapters of Joshua and furiously wrote down a million things that God was practically screaming at me.
He had probably been saying it gently and kindly for the last month but I have been so busy doing all the other things that can fill in your life without your even realizing it that I don't really think I heard it so clear.

Sometimes, the people in your life (whether it's in real life, or through a blog, instagram or facebook) that you think are encouraging and inspiring you?
May not be.

Hear that.

Sometimes, the people in your life that you think are encouraging and inspiring you, may not be!

We should always be doing a little clean-up of our influencers.
And today I had to hide some people on facebook.
(not unfriend them, because I think I've made it pretty clear that I don't roll like that)

I just realized that what I was reading and seeing everyday was not benefiting me.
It was not uplifting me, and to be honest? I was finding myself getting negative and critical.
Not a place I enjoy being in for a long period of time.

I am definitely going to be getting away more often to spend time with God.
I so so want to hear from Him.
I so so want to be close to Him.
And I so so want to be living my life in a way that is in complete control and surrender to Him.

Today. I realized that I have a tendency to hold on to things.
A variety of things.
Some of them are good, and some of them are not.
Some things I don't even want to be holding on to.
And some things I think I do, but only during the times that I forget who is ultimately in control.
And...when I am holding on to things so tightly, it becomes impossible to hold on to the one thing I need to be clinging to tighter than any other thing...
And also. It does not allow for me to receive anything from Him either.

Not a place I want to be.

I was reading and writing so quickly today, that I didn't even realize it had been 45 minutes and I had to leave to go to The Porch.

That is what I love.
That is what I always, always want.

So today..my vente caramel brulee late, my Bible and my notebook were exactly what I needed.

And I gotta tell you.
Between the caffeine and the stuff I was learning?
I was a crazy fool by the time I was with all the teens at The Porch!

So if you feel like you are just missing out on something...get alone with God.
I mean it.

Get alone with God.

Make the time. It is so worth it.

And be staying tuned for some pretty awesome dreams Adam and I have.
I can not wait to share some of the things God has been showing us.
I have no doubt God is going to blow our minds.

Good night...at least I hope so.
Who knows what a cup o' caffeine can do to a girl!

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  1. :) you are so the bomb:) loved this!!! So thankful for that time you had today. I will defintely be staying tuned, can't wait to hear!!! xo


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