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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I got me my posse here

I am so incredibly honored that so many of you decided to take me up on this challenge, and then actually send me your plans!  (it's not too late if you still want to join in!)
It blew me away that you would trust me enough with your answers.
Some of you wrote some pretty personal things, and I just can't even tell you enough how much that means to me.
See...I am a people person.
As if you didn't know.
And I just love feeling like I am actually connecting with people, which is hard to feel sometimes.
I mean, I sit here and type.
And I try to be real.
And I like to pretend that I am actually sitting with you at an adorable little coffee shop in the North end of Boston just talking and sharing our dreams and ideas.
But I don't always know that I come across that way.

Then I get a comment from someone I don't really know who says..."remember last week when you were saying..."
And I just smile and think - yay! She feels like we were having a conversation.
Then I am happy.
And then I want to keep writing.

So thank you for allowing me to come into your living room with you each night and just chat.
Thank you for listening to my heart, for listening to my ramblings, and for maybe even laughing at my stupid little jokes and hashtags.

I am so thankful for you.
And if you have never commented or emailed...please start now!
I love meeting new people and I love making new friends!

I will be praying for all of you and the lists you sent me, I know that we are going to do awesome together!

My word for the month is: proactive
Basically, I needed to find a word that was the opposite of procrastinate.
I hate procrastination, and I hate when I procrastinate.
So. January I am going to be proactive like all get out.

One way I am going to start being proactive is to help some of you who didn't know what to fill in for the
"One way I will improve in my knowledge of God this month"

I am going to be offering a 4 week class at my house for any homegirls who are interested in learning a little more about the Bible.
It will be on Thursdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm, starting January 9th.
I just want anyone who has an interest in finding out what the Bible teaches and what it's all about to be able to do so in a non threatening, non judgmental environment.
Trust me...I love to laugh, so it will be fun laid back, and I will even give you coffee!
Hard to beat, right?!
I mean, you will get to look at this for a whole hour every week!
hahahaaa...I just crack myself up. Now you're not going to want to come, are you?!
Well, this is actually a head shot I had taken by Riley because I needed one for the website of a conference I am going to be speaking at in April.
Say what?!?! Oh yaaaa.
But I am not talking about that right now. So you will have to stay tuned for all that info.

Back to what we were talking about...
Please message me through facebook, leave a comment here, or email me at ajnrileysmommy @ hotmail.com if you are interested in this!

I feel like I got me my posse here, and we are about to go buck wild on our goals and dreams.
Dude. This town may not even know how to handle us before long!

Thank you again. And I really truly mean it.
Have an awesome first night of the best month of your life!


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  1. You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Love that color on you and your sparkle head band. So perfect. Great capturing ry:) Wish I could come to your class!!!!!!


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