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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Family lifestyle session ~ Derry, NH

This family.
It almost doesn't seem real. They are so real. so fun. so crazy. so relaxed. so godly. 
It's just like all the perfect stuff wrapped into one.
Spending a couple of hours with them made me feel like I was a Risteen for the day...
and I gotta say-
It felt pretty darn good!
Even though my husband's family has known the Risteens and their extended family for a long time, I never really got to know them very well.
Now, I have been privileged enough to shoot 2 of the girls senior photos, Rebekah and Ben's engagement session and their wedding!

I feel like I don't see a whole lot of lifestyle photography, and there is something just absolutely refreshing about these kind of sessions.
They are not posed.
They are in the comfort of the client's home.
They don't involve finding perfectly matching outfits, stressing out wondering if your child is going to sit still for an entire session...
In fact. It basically feels just like any other typical day at home would feel.
It's exactly the kind of things you want to remember about where you are in your life right now.
It brings warm, contented, peaceful feelings when you even look at the images!
It is your life.
With your entire family home together...just being together.
Exactly the way life should be.

Here are some of my favorites from a day spent with the Risteens.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of the family for the day.
But now you better watch out...I may just drop in again sometime.
So have the coffee ready.

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  1. These pictures are awesome!!! So fun!! What an awesome idea. And you did an amazing job capturing all those moments. Here's to many more lifestyle shoots!


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