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Monday, January 20, 2014

Rock the month PLUS free printables!

I have been so happy to hear about so many of you who have decided to do the monthly challenges!
I know that for me, it has seemed so much more reachable to just hold on to my resolutions for one month!
I mean, who can't stop eating chocolate for one month?!

Getting things organized is a pretty big deal and can make a huge difference in your everyday life!
When I came up with the idea, I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to be going with the whole thing. But since so many of you decided to take the challenge with me, I decided to finish the years worth and then just give it to you all!
Ya know, for just 4 easy payments of $0.00.
But wait. There's more!
Ok, just kidding. There's no more.

I get being business savvy and all, but sometimes it irks me when someone can come up with something really simple, do it up on the computer real quick and then try to make mula out of it, ya feel me?
But then again, maybe that's why my bank account is so low! ha!

However, when I publish my book that is divulging all my words of wisdom,  (please read that last statement dripping with sarcasm) I will ask you to pay for it.
But I will sign it for free. haha!

So it's nothing super fancy or anything, and it took me about 15 minutes to do it up on photoshop...
BUT, I thought it would be great to be able to have the entire year's challenges all together!
This way, we can go back at the end of the year and see how far we've come!

I printed everything out, and had it spiral bound at staples.
You could also just print it out, 3-hole-punch it and put it in a notebook, but I thought it looked so fancy all spiral bound and everything.
I am such a fancy person.

If you didn't do anything for January - no problem!
Just start with February!
And of course if you want an accountability partner, hit me up!
But be warned, I will keep asking you how you're doing!

Here is the link to download.
And if you want to share how you all are doing, you can instagram with the hashtag #rockthemonth
Because that is exactly what we are going to be doing, baby!

Rocking the month!

So go ahead...rock it.

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