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Thursday, January 30, 2014

There is still good.

Sometimes it can feel like there is nothing good going on around you.
Do ya feel me?

My heart is all kinds of broken tonight for teenagers in this town who are hurting.
For teenagers in this town who are doing the hurting.
For moms who have lost complete control of their kids.
For parents who are teaching their kids false truth, after false truth, after false truth.
For teenagers (and parents) who are standing up for actual truth and being made fun of because of it.

Sometimes it feels like there is no one else besides you standing up for truth.

Elijah felt the same way in 1 Kings 19. He thought he was the only one left doing the right thing.
Then God spoke.
God told him he was not alone.
There were thousands others who were still choosing God.

Today, I need to hear about the other people who are still choosing God.
About the other people who are choosing to live their lives according to God's Word, not whatever feels good to them.
This week has been filled with people claiming they know what truth is, when it is simply based on their feelings, or their desire to follow what people around them are doing.

God's Word is truth.

I wanted to encourage you tonight to look around you and find the good.
It is around us, we just need to look for it.
There are people who are excited about their relationship with Christ!
They have found his love and it is real. It is life changing. It is incredible.

I wanted to tell you about this amazing ministry called Delight.

It started with this incredible mom and her daughter (I adore these girls)
This is their heart:

Our desire is to enable young women in the creative arts and pursue their God-given talents while also helping them define what it means to be a woman of purpose. What began as a vision for young women who want to use their gifts and talents in photography has become a passion to bring truth, hope and healing to young ladies. We’re about being real, raw and relevant: whatever you are facing, others have been there too. You will find a community filled with stories of grace, redemption and mercy. You’ll find inspiration to help you grow not only in your talent, but also in your faith!

I have the huge privilege of being one of the leaders for the retreat in Washington this year!
I am like totally beyond excited and can hardly wait to be a part of it!
This is designed for girls ages 14-20 who are pursuing creative arts. There are community groups all over the country as well as a huge online community!

Do you know what this shows me?

I am not alone.

When I feel like there is no good.
Like I am the only one making right choices.
When I am the only one who understands truth.

I am not alone!

There is still good.

Maybe you are feeling like you are the only one standing up for truth.
Maybe you feel like you are alone, and there is no hope.

You are not alone!

Look around you. Find other people who are living for Jesus!
They are out there. You just have to find them.

And when you find them?
Join them!
Be a part!
Be the difference this world needs.
Be the one who stands up for truth when no one else is.

We are in this together.
And together, we can do amazing things.

There is still good.

If you are interested in being a part of Delight, go here to find out details about the retreat (one is being held on the west coast, and one on the east coast) or here to find out about the online community!

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  1. I love this. And I know what you mean. Youre right to look for the good and those doing good is so important. That retreat sounds great!!!! What an awesome opportunity!!


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