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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Is January over yet?

Remember my monthly challenge? Ya...the one thing I decided to take out of my diet was chocolate!
Why would anyone do that?! Ha!

I really should have picked that one for January, ya know...the shortest month! 

How are YOU doing with your plans for this month?

I have definitely found it much easier to stick to them knowing it's only for a month! You agree? 
Isn't it amazing how many things in life are psychological? 

If you haven't joined our little one month plan club, don't worry... you can join in on all the fun in February! The more the merrier...really. You're gonna love it!

Keep it up, peeps! 
You got this month. 
You are killing it...no turning back now!
Rock on.

But seriously, is January over yet? 
Cause I am dying for some chocolate! 

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