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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How do you make the time?

Lets make this as interactive as we can.
Do you ever feel like you are literally running out of time at the end of the day?
Ok...maybe it's just me.
The last few weeks I have just felt behind on everything and it drives me crazy!

So here are a few things that have helped me out with fitting in AT LEAST the things I value as important. 

1. Make a list.
I know...duh. But seriously! Lists make you feel so accomplished! I make lists for the boys and even put obvious things on them...shower, brush your teeth, deodorize, read your Bible.
It's pretty great when you can only get an hour into your day and already have 4 things checked off your list!

2. Plan ahead.
Again...duh. But just listen - Making plans and then telling the people involved in those plans that you are doing them helps to keep you accountable!
My family now knows:
The first Wednesday of the month I go out with Adam.
The second Wednesday, me and AJ get to out together, and the third is Riley's turn.
Having the plan set in place helps it to happen.
Otherwise, even though I really want it to, sometimes life just gets so crazy.

3. Start your day with God.
God is in charge of everything...including the time.
So I really believe that if I give Him the first part of my day, He will bless me and give me the strength I need to finish everything I want to finish.

4. Keep the big things the biggest thing.
As much as I want my business to grow and be successful, at the end of the day my marriage and my family is more important.
Like. Way more.
(for me, this includes my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews.)
It is so hard not to just want to work a little bit more, edit a little bit more, catch up on your emails a little bit more, clean a little bit more.
But, when you find yourself doing that in place of doing things with your family?

You will never regret time spent with your family.

So today...I tried to keep the big things the biggest thing.
I sent a card to my niece.
I bought a card for my other niece.
I had a date with Riley.
I had a long conversation with AJ.
I started this week praying with Adam, and asking God to direct our steps.
I had phone conversations with 2 of my siblings, my mom and my dad. (sorry Erika, I will have to call you tomorrow! I still love you!!)

And maybe I am still a little behind on my other emails.
Maybe I didn't finish editing the session I am behind on.

But I don't regret it for one second.

What are some ways YOU have found to make time for everything you need to?
Spill it.
I can use some more ideas!

Good night everyone!

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