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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A little less intense please!

Last night was a pretty intense post, and when I saw how many people were viewing and sharing it, I have to admit...I started to get a little nervous.
Nervous that people would respond in a negative, angry way.
My dad had already told me that I could send the haters his way if it came to that...thanks Dad!
But the positive response I got was so incredibly encouraging.
Sometimes you can feel so alone in your little part of the world.
And then all of a sudden, God reminds you that you are surrounded by loving, caring, supportive people...some of whom you have never even met.
So thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your understanding of my heart, and for seeing that my goal was to challenge all of us...including myself.

So then.
For a little less intense of a night...ha!

Riley built this little indoor soccer facility out of legos and I think it is the most adorable thing ever.
I love watching my boys play together.
And I especially love watching AJ play with his little brother.
Because I know that in a few months he is going to be a teenager. And these days of "playing legos" may be getting more few and far between than I like to realize.
I like holding on to the kid-part of my kids.
They legit have a full out soccer game on this thing! I loved watching them make all the sound effects and giggle as they were playing! I should have taken video...
Listening to them laugh is one of my favorite things ever.

 Pretty sick, right? 
Riley is one talented little lego builder!

I have to really remind myself over and over to take pictures of our everyday life.
I don't even think about it half the time, and I just don't want to forget anything.
AJ is my reader (although Ry did find a book about Robin Hood that he LOVES!) and I love the times of day when the boys are just quiet and content.

Then again, I like the times when I am just quiet and content too.

After a very long day of cc, I am now going to go relax with Adam and the boys and watch a movie.
Good night everyone!


  1. Love this!! Awesome build ry!!!!:) love these pictures.

  2. ...lifestyle shoot of your boys one day?? ;)


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