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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One likes bagels, one likes cereal

Riley likes bagels for breakfast. He likes when I cream cheese them.
Yes, I just used cream cheese as a verb.
I know. It's cool and I can do it because I am a homeschool mom.

AJ likes cereal. Cinnamon life is his fave.
He doesn't need me to pour them or anything.

They both are not fond of the morning, but do just about anything to distract us and make us forget when it is bed time.

I don't even mind it.
Honestly, when I had kids I never really envisioned them being my friends.
Not that I thought we wouldn't be friends, I just did not think of that aspect of it.
And it's so strange to think about.
AJ is the best shopping partner. (Well...his daddy is actually the best. I know I am lucky!)
Ry? He would rather do literally any. other. thing than shop.
But both of them make really amazing friends.

These boys.

They are the kind of friends you just love having.
They love to play games.
They love to watch the same tv shows as me.
They love to give hugs and are really good at knowing just when I need one.
They tell me how much they love me and say over and over how they think I am the best mom ever.
They can have real, live conversations...but they don't even flinch when I start singing my conversation and dancing in the kitchen.
They don't judge me.
They just love me.
They are so different - their personalities.
But their hearts are so sincere, so loving, so genuine.
I know I am blessed.
I am watching them grow in their walks with God and it could make me burst with joy.

Don't even think for one second that all kids, all boys, or all teens are rebellious, angry, mean, or nasty.
That is a lie that people tell you and try to convince you of to make you feel like it's not just their kids.
Don't believe it. Not for a second.
We all have the tendency to be any one of those things, but we don't have to be.
Your kids don't have to be that way.

These boys.

They make me happy to be a mom.
One likes bagels.
One likes cereal.
Both are the most incredible kids I could ever ask for.
I don't want to take one second of my time at home with them for granted.

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  1. Lovvved this!!!!!!!!! So sweet. And so perfect. I love them too. Good job to you and Adam for the job you have done with them. 💜


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