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Monday, January 27, 2014

Driving with your lights off

The last few days have been a blur.
Friday I was talking to my little sister on the phone (proof that I do, in fact, talk on the phone.) and she was talking about her plans for her 30th birthday.
She was going to be going to her friends Steve and Ashley's the next day and celebrating with them and a couple other friends.
So...totally spur of the moment, I decided to drive the 4 and a half hour trip to go and surprise her.
It just didn't seem right to be turning the big 3-0 without a sibling around!

Adam had to work all day Saturday anyways, so I woke the boys up at 5:45 and we took off.
We shocked her.
It was perfect. We had such a great time and it was totally and completely worth it.
I got to see these 2 super awesome Ashley's who I haven't seen in years, and meet a new friend as well!
 (oh, and while you're just sitting at your computer, why don't you go here and check out these awesome fingerless mittens that Ashley makes! They are beautiful and I am TOTALLY buying myself a pair!)
And then you might as well go here and check out the other Ashley's bakery!

We got home at about midnight Saturday night.
Sunday morning we got up first thing and went to breakfast at our church (because our church is cool like that and offers a full FREE breakfast every Sunday morning. yep.) then Sunday School, then church.
We had lunch after church, ran home, packed a few things and drove 2 and a half hours to surprise the Curriers.
We kind of like our family.
And, since you've been reading this far, you might as well go here and check out the new ministry they just started! It's pretty amazing!
We had to leave at 11 this morning to get back to open The Porch , then I had an engagement session, and Adam had to work.
Then I came home, had to get groceries, make Riley a costume for his presentation tomorrow and blog.
And all this with no chocolate! Say what?!?! (is it February yet?!)

Phew. I'm a little tired.
Happy. But tired.

On the way home from Melanie's, it was snowing and the roads were pretty bad in some spots.
As I was driving (the boys were sleeping) I saw a car in the left lane with no lights on.
It actually kind of scared me at first, because it was so so dark outside, and I didn't even see the car until the very last second!

And so....you know me and my stupid analogies..ha.
I just thought - man. Here I am driving along and having kind of a hard time seeing.
The roads were slick, they were dark, and it was really hard to see where I was going especially because I wasn't familiar with that particular road.
But then here was this guy.
Talk about difficult to see!
How could he possibly see where he was going?
We were both driving a rough and dark road, but I had lights in front of me to help guide me and show me far enough in front of me to keep me on the road.

It just totally reminded me of life.

Life is hard.

Sometimes it feels impossible to see very far in front of you without getting anxious and stressed.
But when you have lights? You at least see just far enough ahead that you can manage to keep yourself on the road.

God is that light.
I am living the same difficult life that everyone else is living.
But for me?
I feel much more confident.
Much less anxious.
Because I have God's Word that is showing me just far enough in front of me that it reminds me I can trust Him.
I still get a little nervous sometimes, just like I was on the highway.
I still can turn a corner and not know what's around the other side, just like on the highway.
I can see.
I can see because I am choosing not to drive with my lights off!
I can see because God is showing me where to turn, when I need to slow down, directing my steps.

And it is so incredibly comforting.

So I hope that if you are feeling like you are confused and having a hard time staying on the road...
Maybe you are just

Driving with your lights off.

Guess what?
I have great news for you...all you have to do is turn them on.
It doesn't take away the slippery roads and the dark nights.
But it sure does make them a lot easier to travel!


  1. Youuuuu are amazing. Thank you more than anything for my surprise. Seriously meant the world to me. Totally made my 30th birthday the best one in the books. I love you!!!!!

  2. And I loved that analogy!!!!!!!!


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