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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

anyone can commit to anything...for one week.

i have never been a huge fan of new years resolutions.
i wrote about that a while ago that you can read here if you want.

anyways. the problem for me with new years resolutions is that they have to last a whole entire year!
i mean really!
it seems so...daunting. doesn't it?
i can get all excited about working out every day of the week. until just about march? or is it february...
then it's all boring and too hard and stuff! ha!

so i decided that this year i am making new week's resolutions.
because, i feel like i can handle things a week at a time.

not that i am against long term planning. obviously.
i think it is so important to have big dreams and goals, and i have a list of those as well.

but i don't think i could possibly go without sugar for an entire year.
but i think one week is doable.
so that's what i'm doing this week.
no more dessert for me this week. if i decide to do it again next week...great!

instead of reading the Bible through in a year, i am reading the Bible through in 90 days.

i am just going to try and do things in smaller increments.

we are going to have a killer school week next week.
the week after that? not so much.
just kidding. i'm not planning for failure or anything here :)

another plus with this method is that since i tend to procrastinate sometimes, i will only have 6 days to push something off! then i have to get it done!

see...this is just better.
i think anyone can commit to anything - for one week!!

so - here's to an incredibly amazingly awesome first week of 2013!

happy new year!


  1. What a great idea!! I love it!!:)

  2. Inspiring..... Next week I am off to the gym. ;-)


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