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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

he finally likes me!

i live my life trying to get all my nieces and nephews to crown me... their "favorite auntie"
no. i'm not kidding.

but micah.
oh micah.
so sweet. so cute. so serious!
 if you know me at all, you know i am anything but serious, and so i guess that maybe i have just scared him?
ya know, my crazy dances. my grabbing him and swinging him around. my loud laughs.


i just wanted him to like me. all the other ones like me! why not micah?

so last weekend, i surprised my sister with a visit. and honestly, watching her jump and scream was most definitely one of my favorite things ever.
like in the whole entire world.
really. makes me want to do it again!

i just can't get enough of micah's big blue eyes, so i took him out on the porch to get some pictures of him. he started like this. ya know, his normal face every time he sees me.

then i saw this and thought.
land sakes alive. he just may be warming up to me!

and THEN.
oh. my. goodnight. shirt.
i think i am about to get a smile!
get the camera out!!
oh wait. i already had it out. phew!

and by the end of my time there, he was actually letting me pick him up and snuggle with him!!

wow. i do believe my nephew finally likes me! here's a big smile to prove it!

hey micah!
who's your favorite auntie?!?!


  1. that whole post was adorable. :)

  2. He's so beautiful!

  3. I cannot get over these pictures!!!!!!! Soooo adorable!!!!!!!!! So funny:) yes, you tell all your nieces and nephews at a very young age that you are their favorite auntie:) love this post! And love those smiles at the end:)

  4. Rachelle you crack me up.....you are just as adorable as sweet Micah. I love this entire post and I love you!!!


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