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Thursday, January 24, 2013

it's the little things

so 20 years ago today.
it was a sunday.
i was getting ready for church.
i remember wearing my favorite plaid pleated skirt. awesome, i know.
and my black shoes.
i am pretty sure i had used 3/4 of a bottle of salon selectives hair spray on the beautiful curled bangs i was forming.
my nails were painted bright red.

at about 12:30 i watched a sweet, gray car pull into the driveway.
sweet only because a guy from my class was coming with his dad to pick me up and bring me back to his house for lunch. not sweet because of the look of it. just trust me. ha!
i was kind of nervous.

not nervous around his mom, because she was the sweetest person ever.
a little nervous around his dad.
(who i remember commented on how bright my nails were)
and maybe a little nervous about making the right impression on adam.

i remember him looking at me with his bright blue eyes and saying "so. will you go out with me?"

i said yes.

i was only 16 years old. and i had no idea where that yes was going to take me!
on an incredible journey of life with someone who would love me unconditionally.
and who would make me never doubt the fact that he did.

20 years and 2 boys later....
adam was telling the boys last night how we had been together for 20 years.
i didn't think much of him telling it to them. i mean, they thought it was pretty cool, that was it.

but this morning.
i woke up to this.

these signs.
all over the house.
on the doors, in adam's office, above my desk, on the windows.

wow. how lucky am i?
it's these little things.
just some printer paper, markers and tape.
and along with that...
a reminder of these sweet and sensitive little boys who see the value of a happy marriage.
who feel the security this strong marriage gives them.
and who choose to show us that they do.

and it makes me happy.
it makes me forget all the even littler things that tend to feel like big things.

i choose to focus on the little things. which are, in essence, the biggest things.  

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  1. I love this post in so many ways:) happy 20 years!!!:)


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