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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

no shame...

i have been thinking about this topic for quite a while now.
probably about as long as we've been running the porch.

there is a verse in the Bible that talks about people who are living ungodly lives.
it says "they brag about shameful things" 

this. is. our. world.

bragging about shameful things.
i am honestly blown away...and not in a good way...about what people feel comfortable saying.

there should be some things that are shameful. that should not be talked about.
unfortunately, things that we are trying to train our children to look at as "shameful" are glorified on tv and everywhere you look.

i am so surprised by what kids at the porch feel comfortable saying in front of me.
and how there is no embarrassment with anything.

i was thinking about the different things that i am teaching my kids.
there is a standard for right and wrong.
it's not based on what i am feeling, it's not based on the latest survey.

those are both going to change!

it is based on the only thing that will never change. ever.
God's Word.

see...the Bible says that getting drunk is wrong.
it's not what i say. it's what God says.

the Bible also says that sex outside of marriage is wrong.
interestingly enough, i recently had an 11 year old and a 12 year old ask me if it was sin to have sex.
can you tell me why they would ask me that?
my first thought was...WHY are you even thinking about sex right now? you are little boys!
my second thought was...how do you feel comfortable talking about this to me?

nothing is shameful to kids.
nothing is looked at as right or wrong, good or bad.
it's all about who they choose to look up to.

most of these kids are seeing their parents get drunk, so to them...why would that be wrong?
most of these kids are walking around with uncensored internet at their fingertips every second of every day. they are seeing sex and everything else as being cool and what everyone is doing...why would they see that as wrong?

i just think it's ok if our kids learn that some things are shameful!
i don't mean shameful in a let's-rub-our-kids-faces-in-their-mistakes kind of way.
i want my boys to feel comfortable talking to me and telling me if they are doing something wrong.

but i also want them to see that there is a right way to live.
it is spelled out. black and white. clear as day.

there is a wrong way to live.
it is also spelled out. black and white. clear as day.

the wrong way? produces bad consequences (that of course they will not see on tv.)
the right way? produces blessings from a loving God who made a manual.
a manual for the way to live that will be the best for us.
what makes us think that a creator would give us a manual that would be mean and cruel and not fun?
isn't that what we're teaching our kids by living life the way we want? the way we feel today?
when we treat people unfairly. when we disobey the law. when we sin and then justify it.

our kids are being brought up in a world where there are very few consequences.
and where there is very little to be ashamed of.

i am teaching my kids this:
it is shameful to even speak of the things they do in secret. Ephesians 5:12

not only do i think that you should not be doing things that are wrong?
i also think you should not be talking about the things people are doing wrong!

don't glorify it! don't make it look glamorous! don't make it look fun!

teach your kids the truth. the consequences.

let's start bringing up some responsible, respectful kids!

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