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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The times I hate taking pictures

I know.
I am a photographer.
I'm supposed to have a camera on my person at all times, ready to capture every moment.


There is one time that I just hate having my camera on me...
When my boys are playing soccer!

I can't focus on....well, focusing!
Much less lighting, shutter speed and all that jazz when I am trying to calmly cheer for my boys.
Ok. we all know there is not a chance in the world I am every calmly...well, doing anything.
But certainly not cheering for my kids!
I may be a little on the excited and loud side.
But I'm not the worse I've ever heard, and I don't bring a cow bell, fog horn or banners. ha!

So...here are like, literally a FEW pictures form all the Epping Middle School soccer games that I have been to so far this year.
And these are questionable, technically speaking. But whatevs.

and a few of AJ's teammates..

I love this boy more than I can ever say. So proud of him for how he is on and off the field.

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  1. Love these pictures!' So glad you took them so I can at least see him play on a picture since I can't be at his games:( wish I could be there!!


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