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Friday, October 04, 2013

Mommy Guilt Be Gone

We all get it from time to time, right?
That feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you start second guessing every decision?

Well...Last October I spent 4 days in Georgia at the first P31 conference.
This year, I am a leader in the group so will be going for 5 days.
Welcome guilty feelings.
Actually, no...you are not welcome.

Adam and I are in total agreement that this is what God wants me to do, and  he is very supportive of me going.

I am so so excited to meet up with some girls who have truly become some of my closest friends, and looking forward to meeting some people for the first time.
I know that it will help my business, and it will help my relationship with God, and it will refresh me and give me exactly what I need.
But I still feel bad leaving my husband to fend for himself in the most busy time of our lives!
I am making meals ahead of time, planning schedules for the boys and asking my mom and friend Ruthie to fill in the gaps.

It is weird because for most people it wouldn't even be as big of a deal...
Most kids go to school all day. But it just seems a little more difficult because I am with my boys all day and half the night. And I love the feeling of being needed.
They are probably planning to party all week long, go out to eat every meal and won't even miss me a bit. ha!

So. I will tell that feeling of guilt to go away.
And I will go and be refreshed and be able to organize my thoughts in a way that will help me to manage my Mommy guilt be gone!

Because I will not be blogging while I am away, my blog for next week will be a little bit different.
I am doing some tips on parenting toddlers, pre-teens and teens.
Those posts are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Then I will have Thursday and Friday be basic encouragement and scriptures that have helped me get through difficult times in my life.

I will be back to regular posting next week!

I took the boys outside today for 5 minutes because I needed to have some pictures of them before I left. And when I saw the front lawn all filled with leaves it literally made me smile and clasp my hands together!
My boys in hoodies, and my gorgeous house...
I am so incredibly blessed and thankful.


  1. They are looking so grown up!!!

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    LOVE THE PICTURES! Forget the guilt and enjoy your trip - looking forward to hearing what God did while you were His servant there! love you - mom c

  3. Those pictures! Those boys! That house! Love, love, love. Hope you have a great week away~


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