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Saturday, October 06, 2012

fun in rome...

about a year ago, i had the privilege of meeting this sweet girl karen.

it was at a time when i was just not sure what i was supposed to do with my photography business. i was in the middle of homeschooling my boys, and running a not-for-profit, as well as a million other things.
i just could not settle in my mind, whether photography was the best use of my time.
karen started a group for christian women photographers who were struggling with the same issues i was!
it is called pursuit 31. i went to connecticut for a small group and met the most amazing girls...who are literally going to be my sisters for life. i blogged about that experience here

so when i found out there was going to be a 4-day conference in atlanta, georgia, i had to find a way to get there.
i don't even know how it all happened financially, but early monday morning i found myself sitting on a plane headed south!
i was a little anxious to leave my boys for so long, but really excited about what i was going to learn.

added bouns -
my freshman year of college i had 2 pretty amazing roommates.
well....i haven't seen one of them for 16 years and guess what...
she lives in georgia!
she drove all the way to atlanta to meet me at the airport!
we literally walked arm in arm through the airport and giggled the entire time.
we picked right up where we left off, and had such a great time.
here we are in college

and here we are last week!

ahh....i love her.

i then took a limo with 13 other girls i had never met and traveled to rome.
rome, georgia that is.
we drove to what seemed like the middle of nowhere and came into one of the most beautiful places ever.
it is called winshape retreat and it is amazing.
the people who work there are so friendly and the location is perfect.
it is impossible to not be in awe of God's creation just by walking around the campus!!
i was rooming with my sister-in-law bethany. i mean come one now.
could that BE any more perfect??
whenever we are together we are usually surrounded by our families, and really don't get time to just talk.
it was so nice to be able to talk and just enjoy each others company!
i totally love her like she is really my sister.
she may have found out for SURE that i am a little bit cRaZy,

but i'm pretty sure she loves me anyways!

i went to this conference to hopefully build my business a little bit better.
to figure out how to get more clients.
to find organizational help.
but what i didn't even realize i needed a little bit more help with was just...
my life.
being quiet.
slowing down.
not being able to check my email and stopping long enough to hear from God on what i need to change in my personal life. in my family life. in my marriage and in my ministries.
i heard a lot from God as i begged him to speak to me.
i want to know what the next step is going to be for my family.
and how to make sure we are doing exactly what God wants for us to do.
i got up early the first morning and went for a run around the water.
it was pretty dark out still, and i enjoyed the complete alone-ness. i was totally by myself with God.
i prayed out loud as i ran and it was awesome.

i remembered things that i sometimes forget in the business.
things like God is the strength of my heart forever.
and that i am not strong enough to do anything on my own!

i was able to sit under the teaching of some incredibly successful and talented photographers.
this was what i loved...
the woman who shot eva longoria's wedding opened her Bible and encouraged us to ask God for big things!
the girl who has had her wedding photography featured in people magazine shared how we had to emptied before God could fill us.
these women reminded us that we had to spend time alone with Jesus every day to truly succeed.
They opened God's Word and gave us encouragement on how to trust Him. truly trust Him.
and for me? what it showed me in a very real way was that i CAN really push my business and be bringing glory to God...at the same time. this is exactly what i needed.
to see these women using their gifts to honor Christ.

i am so grateful for the opportunity i had to meet some amazing new friends and get reacquainted with some old friends. i had a peaceful, relaxing and incredible time.

of course, it literally made me giddy to see my husband and my boys when i got off the plane!
i am so excited to see where God is going to take me!
already looking forward to next year's conference...


  1. loved this!!! so glad you had such a great time. and i loved all the pictures!!! esp. the before & after pics of you and carrie;) so fun!!!

  2. So glad I got to meet you last week!


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