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Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Enchanted Senior Photography Shoot

i love when my seniors have something specific in mind for their session.
katherine wanted something that was...like...well, enchanted.
dark and woodsy.
we found the perfect location (after a lot of hard work. turns out weeping willow tress are rather hard to come by around here!)
and katherine wore the perfect dress.
and the rest was history.

this next shot was right after she had almost FALLEN IN THE POND trying to catch a bull frog!!
ha! it was hilarious!

i loved so many shots that i was literally dancing half the session.
or maybe that was because i was jumping over snakes and frogs and brushing away mosquitoes!
either way...it was a lot of fun and katherine was so much fun to be with!
thanks for being the perfect model, kate!

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  1. These are amazing!!!!!! Perfect location and beautiful girl!!


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