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Thursday, September 06, 2012

holding on to today

i feel like i hear about death a lot.
i am at a lot of funerals because my dad leads many funeral services and a lot of times i am asked to sing at them.
it is always a reminder that death is inevitable.
it's not the kind of thing i enjoy thinking about but it is the kind of thing i think i should be aware of when it comes to how i spend my time.

i want to hold on to today.
when my kids ask me (as they often do) to stay in their bedroom with them for 5 more minutes when i put them to bed...i wan to stay.
and that's another thing - i always want to "put my kids to bed". sure...my boys are old enough to get into bed themselves, but i love covering them up. making sure their pillow is just right. asking them how their day was. if there is anything i did that day that hurt them.
it's these still moments when you can really just enjoy a few extra minutes of nothing else but being together.

it blows my mind that my aj is in the 6th grade this year.
i honestly can't believe it.
it for REAL feels like just yesterday that i was rocking him to sleep every night.
and i am going to still hug him, even in front of all the guys from the soccer team.
he gave me his permission. :)

and riley going into the 4th grade?
does not seem possible.
it seems like i was just figuring out how to juggle life with 2 active little boys, both in diapers!
and i will still walk into a store holding his hand. he gives me his permission. :)

i have loved each stage that they are in.
in different ways of course.
i really don't remember what it felt like to get up 8 times every single night.
but to be honest, sometimes i miss it.

i remember teaching my boys their first Bible verses.
"children obey"
and "be kind"
and now they both have memorized probably hundreds of Bible verses on their own.

i am crazy in love with these two.
which is why i get so confused when some parents count down the days until the school year starts.
i feel like i would be lost without them!

they make me and adam's lives completely full and perfectly perfect.

i am blessed.
and i know it.
so thankful and completely holding on to today.

don't let yourself waste too much time on things that aren't important today.
make memories now.

time goes by way too fast.

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  1. This made me tear up....thanks for the reminder.
    I love those boys. And those pictures are amazing.


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