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Saturday, October 13, 2012

enjoying every second...

i remember when i was dating adam, i loved when he would hold my hand.
it just made me happy.
it made me feel safe, and it made me feel like he loved me and was proud to be with me.
i still love it.
i realized last night as i was with riley and he put his hand out to hold my hand...
that i love when he holds my hand too!
i just love that he loves me, and that he is proud to have me as his mommy!
look at that little hand!! isn't it so cute?!

but i feel the same way with aj too!

and the older my boys get, the more i realize that this is not going to last much longer.
are you joking me that this is the hand of my baby boy?
i mean...look at this!
his hands are already bigger than mine!

ok. ok...everyone reading this probably thinks i am totally wacked out right now.
but i'm ok with that.
when i do a newborn shoot, i am careful to capture everything. the little tiny hands. the little tiny feet.
i don't want the parents to forget everything that looked so small!
i don't think it should be different now!
i don't want to forget riley's little hands that reminds me how when he was 9-years old, he had a bad habit of biting his nails!
i don't want to forget aj's 11-year-old hands that are already bigger than his mom's.
i just don't want to forget anything.
it all reminds me of my life. right now.
and i want to enjoy every second of it.


  1. I love that the girls still hold my hand. I take it in because I also realize that these days will end before I am ready. It is the safest feeling and an honor that they not only want to be around you, but willing to sore it to others. I'm their Momma!

  2. Oh my. I love this!! I love their hands. And I love all of these pictures!! Ah, they're getting too big.

    (I love your nail polish!! gray? I gotta get in that) :)

    Love you!


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