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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what is actually happening before photoshop

i had the privilege of doing a quick mini shoot for my sister-in-law and her family last week.
i was laughing so much when i looked through them all.
check out the obviously-big-sister in all of these.
she doesn't change at all and just keeps trying to control her little brother!
and of course hannah's...um...excitement? is just too funny!
haha! i normally have to go through all of these, and swap head out to try and find one good one!
i just left these, because i am sure sarah's days are actually really like this.
so sarah - even though it might feel like you would never forget these days...you just might.
so this is to remind you. :)


  1. :) I love these!!!

  2. i totally laughed out loud at that last one. lol.

  3. Thanks for capturing the REAL Lightner kids... it totally shows their personalities! You are the best... thanks, SIL!


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