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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


aaarrrggghhhh...is that the way you say it? all i can say is...i hate birthdays. every year i say the same thing, but every year it is true. you think...hmm..i should be happy and everyone should treat me extra nice, and every thing should be perfect on my birthday. then you wake up, it's raining, the kids are fighting and you have to go to work. i don't know where the idea of "celebrating" birthdays ever came from.
anyways, i am thankful for my family. ron came to the shop this moring with a dunkacino and a blueberry muffin with a candle in it. wow, i have the best brother. my dad and my mom have both called me 2 times each today, just to "make sure you are having a good birthday" they said. they are really great. tonight i will go to my rents where my mom is making my fave meal...stuffed shells. (isn't that clever? "shells" get it?? haha)my whole family will be there, and maybe that will help this whiny, little selfish girl to be a little happier! haha.
oh, i also opened the boys little gifts this morning. they each picked out a little candle holder and candle. (riley's was blue, aj's was green) they were so excited. oh man i love those boys more than life. the candle from ry was a little dissappointing,cuz he had told me he was gonna get me a shovel...a blue one for my birthday! hahaha...he is so cute, and of course i am joking about being dissappointed! well, this is the last blog i will write as a raymond resident. this has been a particularly difficult one to type due to my beautiful acrylic nails (that my melly paid for for my b-day!)
life is weird, and i could never explain to anyone the emotions that i go through. grr...crying and laughing, being depressed then ecstatic...oh, and that all can happen in a 15 minute time span!!
oh well, enough from this 29-year-old girl.
peace out.

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