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Friday, January 27, 2006

yah babbyyyyyyy

life is weird. my poor, poor lindsay's man broke her little heart last night. i was up for a while, into the wee hours of the morning trying to make her laugh, and make her feel better. that is never an easy thing for a girl to go through. she is beautiful. she will find love again.
my loving husband reminded me last night as i sighed about coming into the shop for 3 hours with 3 boys, that attitude is what will make the difference. how right he is. i decided to wake up today with a smile on my face. i have two beautiful boys who really are the sweetest little things alive, and an amazing husband. not to mention the rest of my family. see...what we have come to think is that God's blessings come in the form of money or possessions. that is so untrue. i have a hard time dealing with people...(it is with great self-control that i am not mentioning or even hinting about these said "people") who think that they are better than me or my family because they have a house and have more money than i do. i do not think that that counts towards anything, although i admit that i would love a house. all that i am saying is that i feel God is greatly blessing me and my family for truly putting Him first in every area of our lives. and i know that he will give us what we need. if i were to die today, i would die happy. knowing that i have a few close friends, and an amazing family.
on a sadder note, my ronnie is leaving me on sunday. i couldn't be more excited for him, but at the same time i selfishly love having him here for me. i started writing a song for him yesterday and couldn't keep singing, cuz i was crying. it was weird. i feel like i'm ok with it, but seriously every time i starting singing i couldn't stop crying. anyways, he is an amazing friend and great uncle to my little boys, who adore him!!
ok, here is my little blog that no one reads anyways, which is why i blog once every few months. (i am doing better than a few family members i know!!!!)


  1. i read it...so there.

    i'm going to miss you way to much! move with me!!

  2. Hey, it's time to post again. I stumbled across your blog & enjoyed it. Keep it going :)


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