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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no title

well, i do not write here much...i don't know why though. wellllll...we got back from an amazing trip to prince edward island. what an AMAZING GOD we serve!! He always does incredible things...33 people got saved in one week!!!! it is truly unreal, and I had the privilege of leading 3 of them to Christ. We really had a great time. now things here are just moving along. so many thoughts, dreams, and real life things to deal with! we are starting our business finally!!! we should be opening our shop in about 2 weeks, so that is so thrilling! i am speaking at a girls week on thursday, and i am not positive what God wants me to speak on..i am thinking of self-esteem.
well, life is great. i have an amazing family, i love my teens, me and my amazing husband are starting a business together, something we've always wanted to do, and vacation is only 4 days away!! hoooorayyyyy!!
sarah and melissa...my girls...are coming over to chill with me tomorrow, and we will probably spend some time at the new shop! that will be fun! then, my mother's birthday is friday, so me,erika,mel and ron (with children of course!) are all going up to camp maranatha thursday to celebrate!
hmmm...what else should i share here...i guess nothing for now. hope whoever reads this doesn't mind waiting a month in between each blog! haha!!
that's it for tonight!


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  1. i am SO glad you're back from PEI!! it was horrid without you here! and yipee for vaca! can't wait.

    also...i mind waiting a month in between so blog away!!

    love love love


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