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Friday, June 17, 2005


well, i have not written in a while, it seems to take a lot out of me to think and write down those thoughts. i ran 5 miles today, and will run 9 in the morning. i really do love running, but there are times, like first thing in the morning, when i can be like...why in the world am i doing this!! but seriously, why??! i do feel good after, and proud of myself for actually doing something that i want to do. there is a lot going on in my mind right now, and i don't necessarily want to be writing it for the world to see, but sometimes i think that everybody would be surprised to know some of the things going on in my head...i think that there are very few people who actually know my deep thoughts, and sort of the dissappointments i feel. i know that probably didn't make sense, but hey..it's my blog!!! it doesn't have to make sense!!
anyways, a little too deep there.
me and adam went out for dinner last night to the cracker barrell to kinda celebrate our 6 year anniversary. it was real yummy. ronnie watched the boys for us...he is such a wonderful brother, and he got a movie to watch with them (i think it was only rated pg13..haha, just kidding!! he actually suffered through the heffalump movie!! what a guy!!) and bought them jellybeans..ooohhh, i just remembered they are still here, and i want to go and get some!! yay!
ahhhh the sun is shining again, that always helps everything, doesn't it? i wrote a song last night that is talking about the benefits we get from being God's children.

amazing God you alone forgive my sins
amazing God you ransom me from death
amazing God you fill my life with all good things
amazing, holy God

your touch can heal, although i'm weak your love remains
your grace abounds to the lowliest of men
you renew my strength and surround me with your mercies
so to you i sing this praise again.

(based on psalm 103)

i just wrote this, so ron can belt out some hideous tune to go with the words!! haha..actually, i hope it is a reminder for whoever reads this, all that we really have in Christ.
ok..this was long, and i am done for now, i have a ton of things to do!!


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  1. 6 years already? Wow. To me, it only seems like you guys have been married for 3 years (even though AJ's like, what, five? lol). The passage of time is so weird sometimes.
    How old is Riley? It seems like you just had the kid last month or something.
    While we're talking about time.... I still remember sitting in your parents' trailer one night after Monday night youth group (long time ago). You were crying and saying that you were too young to get married and you wanted to call it off. I know, that was random, it was just something that popped into my head due to all this "time relativity" talk.
    Ok, I guess I'll stop talking now.


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