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Friday, June 03, 2005

just thought i'd write again, since it's been awhile...not sure if anyone really reads this, but i shall write anyways. it was a beautiful, sunny day today, and me and mel took the boys to see sarah beeeeeee's softball game. we actually just chilled all day, and had some nice talks and such. tomorrow is lars graduation, and then off to her big party!! nothing too new or exciting is going on in the life of rachelle dawn, but i am just trying to make the people around me happy, and be happy where i am!! i am trying to get a demo cd ready to send out to different places, but i haven't heard back from the guy who is doing the recording for me. any prayers on this would be appreciated!! God's timing is perfect, so i will try and be patient! well, i guess that's it for now. i should go to bed now...tomorrow should be a long day!! i am a happy girly. latah.


  1. Oh yeah. People read.

  2. no but seriously, people do read this. seriously. so keep bloggin baby!!=) i love you sooo much shell!!

  3. this is Kristen and i have a record of who called me and your name came up!! and i found your site here so i am leaving a message asking who in the world you are and wondering why your calling me and saying over the phone "She isnt spanish!!"

    sooo i guess we will meet up sime time or maybe not


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