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Saturday, August 13, 2005

well...i am posting again! yay for me!!
things are going well. a little tiring, and somewhat stressful, but still good. my boys continue to amaze me and cause me to fall more and more in love with them. aj just told me the other day "mommy, you are so beautiful" sigh. what an amazingly sweet and SMART little boy! haha!!
me and adam officially started our shop last week! it is so exciting, and things are going good, lots more people are coming in, and i think it looks great! my whole family has been so helpful, and ron is amazing! he is, after basically fixing the whole shop, running it for us. he is also incredible in Broadway Rocks, and continues to astound everyone with his amazing singing ability!
melanie is doing great, and has found a great guy..who i really like, and he is absolutely hysterical!!
erika is still just an amazing mother, who i am just in awe of how she does what she does!
my wonderful grandmother is still visiting, and we all love having her here, and wish she would stay FOREVER!!
adam is encouraged about the shop, and is very patient with my running schedule (which, by the way, my dad and i ran 17 miles today!!) and a great daddy to our boys.
my parents never cease to amaze me. they are the unbelievably incredible role models of christian, loving, godly parents, and just people in general! i am so blessed to have the family i do!
on a lighter note...my legs are aching terribly tonight after my big run! 17 miles sure is a long way to go all at once!! october 8th is the big marathon day, so hopefully i can make it until then!
i am starting to sell arbonne, so we will see how that goes...i am getting pretty excited about it!!
wellll....this has been boring enough!! all the teans are gone for the night, and a great breakfast awaits me in the morning at church!!!
God is good!! love to you all.

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