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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


today is one of those days. you know those kind of days you have, when you're all emotional about everything, and you don't necessarily know why? well, i tend to have these days more and more frequently as of late. i don't know if it's cuz i am getting older, because my kids are getting older, or just because i get frustrated with myself so easily!! almost every day, every time i hear any song (which is often) i say to myself...why why why haven't you done anything with your music??? i have a lot of stuff, and when i hear other people's music, i think...i have stuff that's as good as this...my voice is half-decent, why can't i figure out how do DO SOMETHING with it??? i really feel like people would be able to relate to a lot of my stuff, and would really like it, and be encouraged by it. i just don't know how to do anything with it..so i don't. anyways, i just thought i would go off about that. i guess that's all i'm up for right now.
love to all.

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  1. i know those days shell! being emotional for no reason.
    and you seriously need to do something with your music career. youre amazing and so talented and i know that people would be encouraged from your songs.

    love you sis!=)


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