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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

life is good

you know how some days are just great and some are just terrible?! how can that even be? it is so weird. anyways, today is a good day. the sun is shining, and lately, i have just really been so so thankful for my family. sometimes, i don't think it's fair that i can have such a great family. adam is great, and the boys are precious. my parents are always helping me out, and ron and mel are the best friends a girl could ask for. erika is always giving me good "mom advice" and all my neices and nephews just add to the mix to make everything so wonderful. i am really so so lucky. sometimes the circumstances aren't the best...i mean, i wish i had a few thousand dollars to start my business, and i wish i had a house, but it's all good. God really does know. i am doing this Bible study called "believing God" by beth moore, and it is so great...i really needed it. i need to really believe God way more than i do. anyways, this is really my first real blog YAY!!! i blogged, i am a blogger, i blogged on my very first try!! hooray. ok, i am odd. over and out

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