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Friday, March 20, 2009

see-science center

i decided to get a family membership to the see-science center in manchester, which also gives me access to over 200 other museums across the US...a really great deal!
we went yesterday morning, which was a great day to go, because after some great, warm sunny days, we woke up yesterday to a cold and rainy day! perfect for being inside!! the boys had a really great time with everything there - here's a few pictures of the day


  1. SOOO much fun!! i remember going there as a young girl!! awww. i want to go there with you guys sometime!!! it like so much fun! thanks for the pictures :)

  2. Hey we're leaving right now to go there! Bye!

  3. looks like a great day!
    love how empty is was; gotta love being able to go places on school days when it's not as crowded!


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