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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


today is one of those days. you know those kind of days you have, when you're all emotional about everything, and you don't necessarily know why? well, i tend to have these days more and more frequently as of late. i don't know if it's cuz i am getting older, because my kids are getting older, or just because i get frustrated with myself so easily!! almost every day, every time i hear any song (which is often) i say to myself...why why why haven't you done anything with your music??? i have a lot of stuff, and when i hear other people's music, i think...i have stuff that's as good as this...my voice is half-decent, why can't i figure out how do DO SOMETHING with it??? i really feel like people would be able to relate to a lot of my stuff, and would really like it, and be encouraged by it. i just don't know how to do anything with it..so i don't. anyways, i just thought i would go off about that. i guess that's all i'm up for right now.
love to all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jesus you are my reward

i am at the shop right now, and i am listening to "Jesus, you are my reward" and it is really something that i need to think about more. i can really get so caught up in, and discouraged about what is going on in my life. the business isn't doing real well, so that discourages adam, which in turn discourages me. a lot seems to be about finances...not that i think if i have money i will all of a sudden be perfectly happy, but it is still a big burden that is constantly on me. i really have to think about the rewards that i am getting from Jesus. a good reminder that i need.

s'all for now.

Friday, September 16, 2005

at the shop

well..i am at the shop today. this should be interesting. i had to wake up my 2 boys this morning, go to my parents for a 5-mile run, then come right here to stylin. it is now 12:25 and i have been here since a little before 10. the boys have been pretty good. ok, actually it is now 1:45 and my saint of a mother just came by and picked up the boys to bring them to her house for a nap! that is always good.
things are going ok...life has a way of getting you down every now and then, but i have to try really hard to just remember all the good things that God has given me. i have all of my family near me and i love them all so so so much. i don't know why i am posting, because i don't really have much to say today...i'm just so tired. and i am gonna be totally LOVING being able to get up in the morning and NOT RUN!! october 8th and it will be all over!!
anyways, enough for me for now.
peace and love.

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