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Thursday, December 06, 2007


OK. i haven't blogged in forever, and i don't really know what is making me start again, but i do find it relaxing to write my thoughts. so, even if no one ever reads this, it will still feel good to write!
my life has changed a lot in some ways since i last wrote, and has stayed so much the same in other ways. i am still in love with my adam, and my boys are the light of my life. that will never change. adam is now working semi-full-time at the church as the pastor's assistant. he is still working at astro, which is a nightmare that will hopefully be over by the end of this month!
i am homeschooling the boys this year, and they just love it. of course, i think my kids are the smartest ever, and i would love to prove it to you! :)
we sold the shop, you know, the place that i loved to complain about in all my previous posts! so that was a huge relief to be done with that.
i could write forever, but i will spare you the details. i am so thankful for where God has me in life right now. although our apartment is small and at times a little claustrophobic, i have never been more content, and that is GOD!!
more later.

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