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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what i think determines how i act which determines how i feel

so today i am thankful. i loved class last night. it was actually 3 classes on the book of Romans. one thing that we were reminded of was the fact that Jesus died for us...the LEAST i can do is live for Him. i just loved that. i can get so caught up in everything around me, and feeling discouraged with things that i don't need to be discouraged about. i have an amazing God who wants me to live an abundant life...not just one where i get by. does anyone ever feel like you are just barely getting by? you don't have to feel that way!!! read romans 8 to be reminded of what we have in Christ. that we are IN Christ and that we will be WITH Christ soon!!! i was reminding AJ today of the message from a couple of sunday nights ago. what we think determines how we act, which determines how we feel. i saw him sort of pouting today, and it was because his cousin wasn't playing the game that he wanted to play. so i went with that concept. i said let's think of a verse. we picked "think of others as better than yourselves" (phil. 2) ok, so now that is what i am thinking over and over, now how will i act as a result of that? i will act differently towards that cousin. then....when i treat him better, how does that make me feel? he saw right away because he recognized that the pouty way he was feeling right then did not feel good! i love to see the kids getting it!! i need to get it too!!! why don't i think about those verses in romans 8, and totally concentrate on the verse that talks about how NOTHING can separate me from the love of God. if i think about that over and over and over, i find it hard to even care about other things!!
-here are some pictures of the boys room where i have painted this stuff on their walls. i am not done with the first one yet, but getting there...

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