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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Florida trip

we had a great vacation last week and it would take all day and half the night to write about the whole thing. some highlights were...DISNEYYYYYYY on aj's birthday, spending the night at bryce's, (we got treated like royalty!!) seeing adam's family, going to sunsplash with karen and robin, going to the beach with adam's family, going to the kids museum with adam's mom and sister, going mini-golfing with adam's dad and sister (i came in LAST - golf is not my thing, right robin??) going shopping, and watching "i didn't know i was pregnant" :) thought i would share some pictures.

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  1. The shell that Riley found on the beach is a pin shell ... he got a good one. If you break it open you should see mother of pearl from where the critter (or mollusk) was. When we went to Destin we found ZERO shells ... couldn't believe it! Miss you guys!


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