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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aj's Soccer Game

aj had his first soccer game last night. it was a little frustrating for him...his team has a real tough time with team work, and with respect! adam volunteered to ref the game, and at one point, one of the 8-year-olds came off the field screaming "i hate that ref - he made the wrong call!" wow.
anyways, in spite of all that, aj did have a hat trick (that's 3 goals in one game, for the layperson :)) and he was pretty happy about that.
here's a few pics of the game.


  1. love these pictures!!! aj looks so tall! great job with the hat trick aj!!! :)

    missing you...

  2. AWWWW how cute. It reminds me of when Paul Andrew and Mikie used to play. In fact, Mikie still plays for the local neighborhood team (of big German boys) in Reifenberg. He has even had his picture in the local paper.... I miss those days. So glad you are getting to enjoy your boys like I did with mine --- oh soooo many years ago.....


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