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Monday, August 11, 2014

Follow me on my new blog

Last year I decided to change my blog name from ajnrileysmommy.blogspot.com, which it had been since 2005, to Rachellechaseblog.com. I started out just writing as a typical mommy blog and kind of switched to just writing in general. I wanted my name to better represent what I was writing about which is why I changed it.
So even though you could still get to my blog by going to rachellechaseblog.com, it still came up as ajnrileysmommy.blogspot.com and I never really told anyone about the switch.

So now. I have taken the plunge and decided to switch everything and start using wordpress instead of blogger. It's scary.
I have spent years trying to build a following and have actually made some great friends as a direct result of my blog. I really was a little nervous that I would lose readers and followers if I switched. But there's no turning back now!

I will continue to write every week day and intersperse some family stuff, my photography and some encouraging and thought provoking writing as well.
I would love it if you would continue to support me and share my posts!
I love new friends and I love followers!!
You can find me at www.rachellechaseblog.com.

See you over there!

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