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Thursday, May 29, 2008

...He's up so high

so today, during our family devotions, i was reiterating to the boys the importance of obedience. something that we remind the boys of is that God always blesses obedience. riley asked how God did that. i said, well...in different ways. sometimes He can make you feel really happy, sometimes He can give you a real gift. ry said..."how can He give me a gift when He's up so high? will He drop it down?" i thought that was so cute, and if you know how cute his little voice is, it would make this story even better! anyways, a little later, aj was going through the laundry (that seems to always be clean, folded, and just NOT put away!!!)he found his lakers shirt that we got at a yard sale last week. he said "my lakers shirt!!! i have everything!"
i loved that. and i wish that i would be able to look at the things that i have and really be able to feel and say "i have everything" becuase i DO, right? i can be satisfied in Christ. i just need to choose that. i am so thankful to have boys that aren't afraid to ask honest questions, and boys that are thankful for what they have. i can learn a lot from them, and so can YOU :)

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